Day: September 1, 2015

Why Travel

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Literally, the day after I graduated high school, I flew to the Middle East and traveled through Jordan, Israel, and Egypt for three months. I spent all of my money getting there and to this day I regard that decision as one of the best I have ever made. More than a few people said it wasn’t such a good idea, however, every single one of my perspectives were altered- in a good way. That was just one country. One other culture. I want more.

Egypt, The Garbage Village
Egypt, The Garbage Village

I want to experience everything I can, to learn more, and to meet more people. I have big dreams and big goals for my life. I believe that knowledge, not just from books, but from real time involvement will change me for the better.

This is also a way to get out of a system that stops you from really living. I’ve already spent a whole quarter of my life. I only have three more of these left- I don’t want to leave this life without having had some kind of impact on it. I want to be involved with admirable and good people- people who are in the field of world change. I want to meet advocates of freedom, I want to meet the oppressed and impoverished, I want to increase my connections with the world around me. The more I know, the more I can accomplish.