Finding Ways to Travel On A Budget

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Traveling on less than 100 dollars a month. Is this possible? I believe that it is!!

I actually believe that I can travel on 60 dollars; mainly this is spent on food and food alone. (Occasionally, you will need to pay for visas which can be anywhere between 25.00 – 100.00 depending on your location and or national status)

But of course, this is traveling in a way that is anything but glamorous. No dining out, no paid museums, no trains or buses or boats to anywhere that I can’t walk, and certainly NO HOTELS!!!

The key?

Couchsurfing. Workaway. Camping.

Couchsurfing is essentially spending a night or two at a strangers home (Usually someone who does a fair amount of travel themselves) on their “couch.” Or floor, or spare bed, etc.

Workaway is when you stay for a longer period of time to offer work services in exchange for a place to sleep and sometimes meals to eat.

Camping is just like it sounds. You whip out your tent and sleeping bag, you get down and dirty with nature, and you wake to the most wonderful sight of the day: the golden sunrise.

Each one of these avenues provides a wonderful experience, far from the common tourist, that really digs into the culture of the land that you are vagabonding in. The less money you spend, the more adventure you will have- and that is the ultimate goal of this kind of traveling: to have an adventure, to grow in experience, and to connect with hundreds of fellow wanderers.

Traveling this way is sure to remain cheap and affordable, and you can easily make this happen with little money. You don’t need to be a billionaire to waltz across the world: You just need to think outside the confinements of currency.


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