Travel Plan

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I would like to spend at least a month in every country we go through, and for the really good ones, perhaps I will pay for a longer visa and volunteer at a WWOOF farm or a Workaway host- who knows? The plan is Flexible and anything is open. However, it’s not entirely smart to go without any plan at all, so… My plans are divided into parts.

  1. Europe to Africa
  2. South America to the USA
  3. Canada to Alaska
  4. All of Southeast Asia

Here is the very, VERY rough drafty plan:

  • Part One
  • Fly into Dublin, Ireland
  • Travel throughout Europe
  • Make our way down to Cape Town, South Africa
  • Part Two
  • Catch a plane, or cargo ship, (If I have enough money) to Buenas Aires, Argentina
  • Backpack up through South America
  • Somehow get to Panama (perhaps by boat?)
  • Backpack through North America
  • Hit every state in the United States
  • Part Three
  • Hit every Province in Canada
  • Spend 6 months to a year or so in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Part Four
  • Catch a cargo ship to South Korea
  • Mystery of Mysteries: A.K.A., Who knows what’s next?

That’s as far as I got right now. Of course, I could end up hating the entire experience and decide to go back home- though I doubt that will happen =]


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