Day: October 9, 2015


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Right now, one of my biggest concerns are visas. As an American citizen, I don’t need to buy a visa for any European Union country (Or do I?? If anyone stumbles upon this post, your input would be greatly appreciated =D)

If that is true, then I’m set for the first 7 or 10 countries that I will vagabond in. The general concept is that I receive a free three-month stay at any country so long as it is apart of the European Union. I think.

If I want to stay longer than three months, I can purchase a year long visa for around 100 Euro… I think.

I’ve reached out to the blogging couple that travels and involves themselves in Workaway Opportunities; they said they would give me the details in an E-Mail but I have yet to hear from them- that was a few weeks ago. Womp. I hope they get back to me soon, otherwise I will need to schedule an appointment with a travel agency, gross.