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I’ve contacted the couple (Their blog here) that has been traveling all over the world for some Visa help. I asked how they travel from country to country for so long when they don’t have any money and visas costs quite a bit, even if you are an American citizen and receive complimentary guest visas for countries such as the United Kingdom, it is expensive if you want to be there for a time that exceeds 3 months (or was it 6?).

Now looking at the countries that follow the Shengen Agreement, well that’s a whole new game!! Needless to say, I was very excited for their response which they promised to give me via E-mail.

That was about a month and a half ago. Womp.

SO I think I might start pestering them for more information because something sounds fishy. (Visas are seriously like 150-200 USD So…. are these people filthy rich?)

If that above theory is right, then they will not be of much use to my traveling under 100 dollars a month plan as they adhere to the same principle that I have been taught all of my life: You need to be rich to travel.

Hopefully, however, they are just bad at remembering peoples questions and comments and just haven’t gotten to mine yet.

Here’s one for the hopeful! It’s time to start pestering =] Wish me luck!


So after E-mailing them directly, they got back to me! YAY!!!!

They said that they just included all visa prices in their budget when they saved their money. They also stated that they have not received any money during their travels besides the money they make through Workaway, which is encouraging =D

I asked how much in advance do they start working on their visas, they said, “About a month in advance.” So that’s good to think about.

As for Travelers Insurance (the worst thing ever), they suggested some sort of youth insurance. It lasts a term of 365 days, so I can ask about that when I meet with Johanna Green at Mayfair Travel. I’m going to see her on November 3rd to get some advice.

A+ for making progress on my plans (Sort of).


2 thoughts on “Visa Information

    judithevita said:
    October 21, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    The visa for hong kong was just about 190hk $ which is like 20€ 😀
    But yeah i totally agree. You have to work your ass off when you want to go traveling the world. But its all about the priorities. If you want to do it. You will find a way.


      Samuel Barger responded:
      October 21, 2015 at 6:25 pm

      That’s not too shabby. Comes out to around 25 USD, which is normal for countries in the Middle East. The problem are visas for European countries: almost one hundred dollars for a three month stay. the UK is fine because they adhere to a program that allows Americans to go for free with a complimentary 6 month pass I believe. Ireland too.


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