Month: February 2016

Carrying Money, ATM Withdrawals, and International Fees

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Money. Fact of life- it’s helpful. Not necessary if you’re any good at mimicking Yogi Bear, but you still need to pay for Visa fees, for hostels if you stay there, flights to and from your home country, and more.

One problem with long-term international travel is how you carry your cash on you. It would be easy to simply have cash for everything you do, but you don’t want to have all your cash on you because if you get into trouble, well… you’re screwed. It’s best to have multiple sources of money- some cash and a credit card of sorts.

I think I will carry no more than 150.00 cash on me of the currency that the country I am visiting has; I will use credit card whenever I can.

TD Bank offers a pretty good deal- no fees whatsoever to use the card itself.

But! to take out cash at an ATM there is a 5% withdrawal fee. that means that if I take out 500USD, I will be charged 25 dollars. I don’t really like that, but I won’t have to worry about it until I leave the European Union. Ultimately, I’m not too concerned for now =P