5. Other Websites

The A21 Campaign

The A21 Campaign is an excellent organization dedicated to fighting Human Trafficking. They work in rehabilitating rescued individuals, raising awareness throughout the world, and seeing to it that justice is served.

Dreams Alive: The Arab American Alliance

The website for Dreams Alive; a non-profit organization that supports many causes  in the Middle East. This includes aid for Syrian Refugees, school building projects, and raising awareness on the different needs in the area.

Veganism and the 21st Century Bible

A Blog that reflects on the Biblical Basis for a vegan lifestyle. The Book is downloadable through PDF formatting. Leave a comment or a suggestion there.



The site that many use in order to reduce traveling costs. You exchange lodging and work for a few hours of work a week, allowing you to get a real feel of the country environment.


Similar to Workaway, WWOOF focuses on farming and agriculture. It’s the same deal- work for lodging and, often times, food.

*Please note that both Workaway and WWOOF may not be legal in the country you are visiting. Always check with the country itself before arranging any plans.*


Nate Hegyes

My buddy’s youtube channel. He posts occasionally about his plans and advetures for traveling, as well as time lapse videos of lego building.


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