3. The Bucket


The Bucket is a list of all the places I want to go and see. As I progress, I will update each section accordingly, adding ferries, flights, and key destinations along the way.

There are four Phases of this particular adventure.

  1. Fly to Dublin, Ireland and get to Capetown, South Africa.
  2. From there, fly to Rio de Janeiro and go all the way to the United States of America. In order to get from Columbia to Panama, I’ll have to fly (or maybe by that time I’ll be a bad-ass and walk through the Derrian Gap).
  3. Hike each trail of the Triple Crown– Appalachian trail, Continental Divide, and the Pacific Crest Trail.
  4. Go through Canada and get to Alaska

After the first four phases are complete, I hope to take a 6-12 month break in Alaska where I can save more money to travel through my next destination: East Asia. But that’s another trip entirely. For now, these four phases are more than enough to keep me busy.

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Phase 1.



Phase 2.

South America

Central America

Phase 3.

USA/Triple Crown

Phase 4.


Coming soon… Canada